I had the opportunity to be involved in a really fun collaboration for a project called
"Les petits mot doux du midi". This project is the brainchild of Christelle Leclerc,
an illustrator, and mother of 3 based in Victoriaville, Quebec. Her idea is based on discreetly depositing a little message of love into your child's lunchbox that they will discover during their lunch break at school.

Christelle put together a team of illustrators from Europe and North America, and each one has illustrated 4-5 cards that make up a set of 45. There are cards for special occasions, public holidays, and even a couple of blank cards that allow some creative freedom for parents to write their own messages for the accompanying illustrations. 

It was a privilege to be part of this project and contribute some heart-warming moments for parents and kids as the work their way through the card deck during the school year.

My contribution to the box set
Video courtesy of : Éditions Entre toi et moi

Box set available for purchase at:


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