My entries for #childhoodweek - winter 2020. A fantastic art challenge put together by the amazing!  I used this as an opportunity to practise working with a limited colour palette which
made this quite a tricky exercise! Thanks for watching! 
Prompt : 👉 Winter!

Growing up in England my sister and I didn’t have many occasions to build a snowman! On the rare occasions we did get enough snow we’d be outside as soon as we could, and would be delighted to
put together a diminutive effort! 🤣 Lack of snow is no longer a problem over here in MTL !! 🇨🇦 ⛄️ ❄️

Prompt : 👉 Fort!

Although there were more sophisticated forts in my childhood, the staple in my household was to do a quick flip of the chair cushions for an insta-den! The same technique turned the couch into a long tunnel! So much fun! 🙃

Prompt : 👉 Wild!

Family walks in the forest were my absolute favourite, while my parents walked along
the paths I would run along stalking them from the trees and playing my own games!
I was always a wildling at one with the forest! 😊 🤘 🌲 🌳

Prompt : 👉 Shiny!
Accompanying my mum to a fabric store I got a glint in my eye when I found a shiny thimble just sitting there on a worktop... I squirrelled it away in my pocket and took it home with us. I later got busted showing it to my best friend, and my mum marched me back to the store to return it to the shopkeeper and apologize! 🤩 🤭 🤣

Prompt : 👉Animal!

I grew up in a household which always had pets, but the first pet that was truly my own was a golden Hamster called “Charlotte”. I had hours of fun building labyrinths for her to navigate, complete with mini hazards and puzzles! 🤣 She always crushed it and got the food in record time! 😁🐹🙌

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